Hey, I am Anna

Illustrator from Aachen, Germany

Whimsical and girlish designs are my thing and I tell my stories with the help of metaphors and symbolism. My clear form language is reminiscent of vector illustrations, but the designs are all hand-drawn. 


Reduced colour combinations of bright and pastel tones, together with light brush textures, describe my style best. My focus is on product, packaging and editorial.


In addition, I master linoleum printing and also here my style comes to bear. This fantastic analogue print medium complements and influences my digital technique because it is less controllable and the result is unalterable.



Packaging Illustration

Editorial Illustration

Commercial Illustration

Web Illustration


Since June 2018

Freelance Illustrator



Bachelor of Arts


FH Aachen


Bachelor of Arts 

Sociology & Philosophie

RWTH Aachen

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